I Am Made of Stardust 100% Natural Jute Tote Bag
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This LOVELY jute tote bag features our popular I Am Made Of Stardust design. Use this bag to do your part in saving the plant by taking it along for your weekly shopping errands or use it as a book/laptop carrier. This bag is so versitile that it can be used any way you imagine it! This is the perfect gift for any occassion and any person! Got a free-thinking friend/family member that HATES t-shirts? We've got a(n) app bag for that! Got a free-thiking friend/family member that loves the beach? We've got a bag for that! Got a free-thiking friend/family member that...oh, we think you get the point! :-)

Make the girl/guy in your life (or even yourself) happy! Purchase one (or more) today!


Material: 100% Natural Jute Fibre (Laminated), Dimensions: 14.5" W x 14.25" H x 5.5" G

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